Institute of Aikido Technique Videos

Sensei William Timms has produced three videos of Aikido techniques, the first covers the Open Hand Forms 1 - 8, the second covers Bokken (Suburi, Awase, Kumitachi and variations, Ki Musube no Tachi, Tachi Dori) and Jo (Suburi, Awase, 31 & 13 count Kata, Kumi Jo, Jo Dori, Jo Kokunage) plus Tanto Dori, and the third covers Open Hand forms 9 - 16. These videos provide an invaluable source of reference for all Institute Aikidoka.

To purchase any of these videos please email the IoA Treasurer at:

Volume One: Open Hand Techniques  Forms 1 - 8.  Single dvd. Price £15.00 plus UK p&p £3.00
Volume Two: Weapons - Bokken and Jo. Double dvd, 68 mins and 47 mins Price £20.00 plus UK p&p £3.00

Volume Three: Open Hand Techniques Forms 9 - 16. Single dvd. Price £15.00 plus UK p&p £3.00


Tom Evans has put together dvds of the 2016 and 2017 IoA Summer School and the 2018 3rd Dan Grading at Winter School. If you would like a copy of any of the above please email us at: stating your requirements and we will send you details of how to make payment.

2016 Summer School: (3 disks)  Price £5 plus £2 p&p

2017 Summer School (2 disks) Price  £5 plus £2 p&p

2018 3rd Dan grading at Winter School: Price £5 plus £2 p&p

Tom has kindly donated all profits to the Institute.