I have been asked to share my experience of attending Summer School in case you may be thinking it is something which only higher-grade students can gain a benefit from, or if you find the idea of a whole week’s intensive training off-putting or daunting. I quickly realised the opposite is true, it is the lower grade students who can benefit most from Summer School


Each day’s practice is divided up into blocks no longer than an ordinary training session and you can attend or spectate at as many as you wish, but I soon found I wanted to participate in as many as possible, and practice with as many other students as possible. I learnt not to be afraid to ask questions. Everyone was very friendly and helpful and everyone brought their own perspective to the mat. 

Everyone had helpful advice of countless tiny improvements I could make to my practice. If I can remember 5% of what I learnt and put it into effect, I will be able improve my Aikido immensely.


Alongside the training is a fantastic social scene where you can mix with the other students each evening.


The most important thing I have taken away is dozens of new friendships.


I will definitely be attending next year."



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