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Winter School 2024

Institute of Aikido Winter School 2024

The Institute of Aikido Winter School 2024 was held at Slough Centre Aikido Dojo at Farnham Royal Village Hall on Sat 2 and Sun 3 March. The course was well attended with some 25 Aikidoka from Institute clubs, Livingston, Slough and The Hut, and from other Aikido Associations.

The following Aikidoka were awarded Fourth Dan:
Tom Evans - Livingston; Paul Turner - Loughborough; Mick Evans - Slough; Norman Martin - Slough; Janet Davis - The Hut; Rod Davis - The Hut.

The Winter School was conducted by Institute Principal William Timms Sensei. Training sessions were led by the following Sensei in order of appearance:

Saturday: William Timms, Linn Robertson, Marill Poole, Roy Sheppard, John Kingsbury, Paul Foster-Dent and Paul Turner.

Sunday: John Kingsbury, Marill Poole, Linn Robertson, Ken Kidston, Adrian O'Brien and William Timms.

Video of both days is now on Youtube:

Day One:

Day Two:

or a double DVD is available, see panel on right.

Want a copy of the action?

A double dvd of the Sensei teaching is available from IoA Secretary at £5 including P&P.

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